Artist & Author Sean Starr
Texas artist and author Sean Starr


This is just a small sampling of the work we have been producing since 2005. We have been producing hand painted signs for over 30 years and our studio was featured in the documentary film "Sign Painters" released in 2013. We use the same traditional materials and techniques that have been around for centuries. Starr Studios provides original design and illustration for brands of all sizes as well as hand painted elements for restaurant and retail interiors and storefronts. The studio also works closely with architects and interior designers on gilded glass (verre eglomise) features for home owners and private collectors. The studio provides: Illustration & Design, Interior Sign Painting & Interior Murals, Gold Leafing, Gilded Glass (Verre Eglomise) and Auto/Moto Heritage Lettering

J. Hall & Co. Gentleman Tattooers

In 2012 tattoo artist Josh Hall commissioned Starr for branding, sign painting and gilded glass for J. Hall & Co. Gentleman Tattooers located on South Lamar in Dallas. The project has evolved over the years with new artwork being added each year to the exterior and interior. Photos by Daniel Driensky and Sarah Reyes for the Dallas Observer.

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The Jesse James Chopper

In 2014 Starr was commissioned by the Andrews Family of Fort Worth to customize a one of a kind Jesse James Chopper at the Paul & Chris Andrews Car Museum in Fort Worth. The design was executed using 23k gold leaf and lettering enamels.

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Sean Starr
Indian Motorcycle's Black Hills Beast

In July of 2015 Starr was commissioned by Indian Motorcycles to design and execute the paintwork on a 2015 Indian Scout motorcycle to pay tribute to Indian's history in hillclimb motorcycle racing. The bike was built by and made its debut at the 75th Anniversary Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, South Dakota on August 3, 2015 with an attendance that exceeded 1,000,000.

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